Refract Positive-Forced Drive Dual Action Machine Polishers

What is a Forced-Action Driven Polisher?

Our forced-action Polishers (in 3" & 5/6" size) are similar to a Dual-Action Polisher (free-spinning) which has an off-center-mass counter weight however it rotates counter-clockwise! 

This weight orbits & rotates around a spline when power is applied & gravity takes over!  However due to varying loads, pressure & gravity tends to induce a pad & backing-plate stall scenario unless you've got it completely flat & without an off-center resistance.... (ceasing nearly all polishing power..) and its quite frustrating...

Forced-Action has another set of gears which physically drives that counter weighted mass around an internal toothed carousel thus eliminating any stalling & allows consistent polishing. With the safety of still being Dual-Actioned but now with the cutting power of a rotary polisher but leaving no holograms like a normal rotary would..

Basically it's a rotary powered scapel with the safety of Dual Action

The aggression and power of these machines whilst being incredibly easy to use has to be experienced by all DIY & pro detailer. The useability, simplicity, sound, power & results are astonishing!

Whether you're a seasoned Pro or DIY enthusiast then these Refract Forced Action Polishers are your new best friend! 

Introducing the new era of Dual Action Polishing for Professional results with minimal effort & experience.

The new Refract Mini 3" Forced-Driven, Positive Dual Action Polishers.

With the safety of Dual Action & the cutting power of a rotary polisher then you will never have to worry about burning through paint, inducing holograms or experiencing polisher-stall ever again! 

Comfortable rubber grip heads & spine braces for a non-tipping placement.

Smooth but vicious sounding positive driven gears & tight tooth engagement & very low vibrations. 

Cut your paint correction time & exhaustion levels in half by reducing the amount of cutting power lost from traditional Dual Action Polisher Stall &  Reduce physical arm & body fatigue by allowing the power of A gear-driven forced action machine do more of the work!

Casings, gears & components are made from some of the most well-know and respected quality tooling manufacturers.

Assembled with strict quality control & tested to meet & exceed International Trade Tool ISO & Australian Electrical Standards. 

Any spare/replacement parts, warranty repairs etc conducted locally in Perth or sent out via post. Machines are not sent away for months on end to have returned or repaired.

Machine Specs:

3" (80mm) Mini Forced Action Machine (R04643)

8mm Orbit 

Hook & Loop Backing Plate 3 inch/75mm (suits all pads) 

Stainless-Steel & Heavy-Duty Bearings, High Shock & Vibration Dampening Outer Casings, Precision Cut Gears, High Tensile Bolts & quality wiring internals.

Cast-Iron Head Shroud 

240v/60hz, 780 watt

Weight 2.4 kgs 

1500-5500 OPM.

4m Power Cable

Smooth Radial Speed Controller Dial (Speeds 1-6, 1500-5500 opm)

Kits Include:

2 x Spare Carbon Brushes

1 x Side or Top-mount handle Grips

1 x Refract Tool Pouch

Tools & Maintenance Accessories 

Instruction & Usage Guide 

12 Month Manufacturing Warranty