Detailing Brushes General Purpose Box Set

 5 Piece Boxed Set

When you're serious about your car care and know that just any old brush or the cheapest thing you can find won't do; then we proudly present you with a Detailing Brush that will perform to the highest professional grade standards that last and perform for years!
  • From detailing your wheels to cleaning the dirt out of cracks and crevices these Professional grade detailing brushes used either wet or dry will complete nearly all brush detailing and cleaning requirements.
  • Being natural high grade boar hair means that unlike plastic bristled heads that these will be safer to use on most surfaces whilst dry and also produce high foam lubricity whilst using wet!
  • Made from heavy duty, polyurethane solid handles, tightly enclosed low fray full headed bristles and chemical resistant materials.


  • 5 Piece Multi Sized and Multi-Purpose Boxed Set
  • Heavy Duty, Professional Grade
  • Small to Large sized heads and handles
  • Soft, Natural Boar Bristles
  • Low-Fray, Chemical Resistant
  • Tight Ferrules, Solid Handles
  • Storage allocation Hooks
  • Multipurpose and Recommended by Professional Detailers
  • Uniquely Designed by Refract Car Care