The Refract Fury Lite Air Tornador Gun is an air driven tool for driving pet hair, dirt, dust, debris and water out of deep crevices, carpets, wing mirrors, grilles and interior components. 

With its powerful twisting and turning action the Refract Fury Lite Air Tornador Tool is a great go-to-tool for fast, professional results. 

Fury Lite has been designed to give maximum air twisting effects with smaller air compressors with only 40 litre tank capacities making it perfect for the diyer and mobile detailers. 

With a new steel lined outlet cone for maximum efficiency, Japanese Velocity Consumable Tubes, high quality stainless steel fittings and comfortable grip handle the Refract Fury Lite Air Tornador will cut your interior and exterior vehicle detailing time in half! 

Replacement tubes and spare parts available

12 months warranty against manufacturing defects

FAQ - 

 Q. "Hey I'm looking at buying one of your tornador units but just thought I'd ask what the main differences between the fury hd and fury lite are?"

A. <Good question!

<The Fury Hd has a fixed metal velocity tube & is run via a bearing assembly. It requires at least an 80-100 litre compressor @ 80-90psi..
It's very aggressive & has a tight focus force..

>The Fury Lite runs on a consumable pvc velocity tube & is spun by weighted section tips.

>It doesn't require as much volume of air as the HD but is still run at 80-90psi.

>It has a much wider focus of aggression which is in my opinion better for most open weave carpets..

>Hope that helps!