These new Refract Micro Scrub Cleaning Pads pads are ideal for many vehicle detailing and cleaning procedures & you are seriously missing out if you aren't using them!

The pads are available in 2 sizes. Regular (4 Pack) & Large (Twin Pack)

Here's just a few things we've found that they work extremely well with! There are literally hundreds of other areas we could think of too! 

- Using with interior cleaners to agitate & clean textured plastics.

- Cleaning leather, vinyl and artificial leatherseats

- Absolutely amazing for cleaning gunk off & out-of steering wheel grains with your choice of cleaner

- Scrubbing Tyres

- Removing water spots from glass with water spot removers

- Scrubbing old polish & compound out of textured plastics & gaps.

Plus heaps more! 


Regular - 13 x 8cm - 4 Pads

Large - 13 x 16cm - 2 Pads