REFRACT Speed Clay Nano Block
Removes Light Surface Contamination and Restores Paint
  • The key to getting the best vehicle detailing and paint correction results is in the prep!
  • Trying to polish a surface or apply a wax or sealant to a surface that has rough contaminants embedded on/in the surface like carbon, tar and over-spray will only cause polishing pads to fail quicker, scratch and leave less than desired results. 
  • Removing these visually and sometimes not-seen but felt type contaminants will leave the surface silky smooth, contaminant-free to polish safer, give better overall results and increase the surfaces ability to absorb and retain wax, sealants and coatings for longer

Manufactured from a Synthetic Polymer Clay, with Reptile-like skin, the Refract Speed Clay gently removes embedded contaminants that cannot be removed by normal washing.

The Shape of the Speed Clay is designed to contour the palm of your hand with finger guides to maintain constant pressure and avoid dropping whilst using high lubricant solutions.

The dual layered 13mm thick soft foam interface pad and 2mm clay surface ensures that contaminants aren't pushed aggressively against the surface.  It allows the clay to contour around sweeping curves and the absorption foam will assist in keeping lubrication flowing.

  • The replaceable high strength Hook and Loop backing plate also allows the DECON-BLOCK Clay NANO surface pad to be removed and used separately in tight and awkward areas.
  • Use Refracts Speed Clay after your vehicle has been fully washed and dried.
  • Can be reused many times depending on severity of contaminants.
  • Refract Speed Clay includes 2 x Hook and Loop replaceable textured NANO Clay Pads and 1 x soft contoured hand applicator.
  • Safe for use on all paint and glass types. (Exterior) 
  • Can be used on Chrome and Stainless Steel.


1. Simply Spray Refracts Clay Lubricant or fill a 20 Litre Bucket with your shampoo.

2. Using a thick piled microfiber towel, spray bottle or Microfiber wash mitt, generously soak the surface one panel at a time and glide the REFRACT Speed Clay Nano Block against the surface in a back and forth motion, 20cm x 20cm at a time until a smooth, non-resistive surface is achieved.

3. Keep all surfaces highly lubricated at all times and if any scratching or sounds of debris are visually or audibly evident then simply rinse the REFRACT Speed Clay Nano Block in your clean rinse bucket or spray the clay surface to clear the debris. Wipe the panel clean and continue.

4. Wipe each completed panel and window dry before moving on to avoid water streaks remaining. 


Start by using your REFRACT Speed Clay Nano Block from the least contaminant prone areas like windows, upper door panel areas and vertical surfaces. Lower sections of vehicles around doors, bumpers and side skirts often have the most contamination. Do these sections last to avoid heavy build-up on the clay surface which could induce un-necessary marks and fine scratches.

The Clay process is the safest way to decontaminate your vehicles surfaces and should be carried out every 6 months or when more frequently in vehicles frequently exposed to the environment.

Refract always recommend Polishing your vehicle after clay treatment as heavier contaminant removal may leave fine marks. However this is only generally the case if the vehicle has never been clayed or maintained well.

  • 2 X Nano Clay Pads
  • Hook & Loop Backing Plate
  • Length: 12.5cm
  • Width: 8cm
  • Height: 5.5cm
  • Foam Interface: 13mm
  • Clay Pad Thickness: 2mm
  • Colour: Yellow