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Swissvax Rotary Wire-Spoke Wheel Brush - Synthetic, White (Pair)

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  • Just insert rotary brushes into a battery operated drill, dip them into a shampoo/wash solution and start cleaning your spoke wheels or aluminium wheels with complicated design
  • Material: Synthetic Nylon
  • 1 x cone shaped brush
  • 1 x piston shaped brush
  • For chromed or non painted spoke wheels as well as extremely soiled (non lacquered!) aluminium wheels
  • Perfect for classic cars or motorcycles with metal wire spoke wheels

Thorough and regular care of your spoke wheels will add the finishing touch to your automobile or motorcycle. Swissvax offers a genius solution for an easy cleaning of spoke wheels and/or aluminium wheels with complicated designs: Rotary brushes. 

Note: Not for painted or clear coated wheels - please use our Horse Hair Rotary Brushes or the microfiber Rotary Batons for all painted wheels.