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Rupes Bigfoot Duetto LHR12E Polisher/Sander


The Rupes Duetto LHR12E is perhaps one of the best dual-action polishers on the market today that has been designed to create the perfect balance of performance, usability and a safe and consistent user experience every time.

Available by itself or in the new Luxury Kit! 

Equipped with a 125mm backing plate and a 12mm orbital throw, the Duetto has been specifically engineered to be the machine polisher that can not only correct automotive defects such as swirls, scratches and oxidation, but also be an industry leader in creating the perfect finish on car paint with amazing levels of gloss, clarity and depth that most other polishers struggle to achieve.

It performs exceptionally well on softer or more finicky paints where many other polishers with their larger throws and more aggression fall short. It is also perfect and safer for mild paint correction work, being more than capable at addressing light to moderate defects yet preserving the life and condition of the paint with minimal material or paint removal.

The Duetto is a must have polisher for the professional that wishes to take their work to the next level but is as equally perfect for the amateur or beginner wishing to get started in the world of machine polishing with perhaps the safest yet effective dual-action polisher on the market today.


  • Easy to use, and incredibly effective 
  • Has the ability to remove paint defects, but finish down perfectly 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for the enthusiast, or professional detailer
  • 400 Watt Motor, with 12mm throw 


  • RUPES LHR12E Duetto BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher
  • RUPES BigFoot Polisher Bag
  • RUPES BigFoot Detailing Apron
  • RUPES DA Coarse Compound 250ml
  • RUPES DA Fine Polish 250ml
  • RUPES DA Coarse Blue Foam Pad
  • RUPES DA Fine Yellow Foam Pad
  • RUPES 125mm Backing Plate - Velcro
  • RUPES 125mm P2000 Grit X-Cut Sanding Pads x3
  • RUPES 125mm P3000 Grit X-Cut Sanding Pads x3
  • RUPES Microfibre Detailing Cloths x4
  • RUPES Cable Management Clamp