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Rupes Bigfoot 3 inch Mini Orbital Polisher - LHR75e

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The Rupes LHR75E mini 3 inch polisher is the perfect machine for correcting car paint in the smaller and tighter curves and panels found on most modern cars today.

Available by itself or in the full Luxury Kit

Full size machine polishers such as the Rupes LHR15 and LHR21 are far more effective at compounding and polishing the larger and flatter panels of a vehicle. However, when it comes to the panel edges and curves of a car, a mini dual-action polisher such as the LHR75E is far more effective at achieving higher levels of paint correction more efficiently.  

The Rupes Mini dual-action polisher represents and displays what is possible in creating an ultra-smooth and extremely lightweight polisher that packs a real punch with its high-torque 400-watt motor that outperforms many larger machines.

Its ergonomic design together with its low vibration allows for extended use with little to no user fatigue even after long hours of use. The 12mm orbital throw and 75mm backing plate finds a perfect balance of smooth and precise paint correction yet is surprisingly powerful and adaptable with its 1700-4200 Orbits Per Minute range.

It is hard to imagine that such a small polisher can be so advanced, but the Rupes Mini contains all the features found in much larger polishers and more. From its soft-start-no-product-spatter feature to its electronic speed control which ensures consistent rotation at various pressures and angles, this mini polisher contains all the amazing technology and features that Rupes is famous for.

Size is not everything when it comes to correcting automotive paint and the LHR75E is a clear and obvious proof of that. It is the perfect machine to complement the larger Rupes 15mm and 21mm dual-action polishers and a must for those who wish to achieve greater levels and standards in quality paint correction work.


  • Simple and ergonomic design
  • On/off switch lock
  • Speed control soft start – prevents product sling and adds more control
  • Variable speeds from 1700 – 4200 OPM
  • 12mm orbit for smoother polishing action & greater control
  • 240v


  • Rupes LHR 75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher
  • Rupes LHR 75E 3 inch Backing Plate
  • Rupes Big Foot Soft Polisher Bag
  • Rupes Big Foot Detailing Apron
  • Rupes DA Coarse Compound 250ml
  • Rupes DA Fine Compound 250ml
  • Rupes DA Coarse Foam Pad 
  • Rupes DA Fine Finishing Foam Pad
  • Rupes Yellow Wool Pad
  • Rupes Blue Wool Pad
  • Rupes Microfiber Cloths x 4
  • Rupes Cable Management Clamp