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Rupes LD30 Mini Sander/Polisher (Pneumatic)

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The Rupes LD30 Air-Powered 30mm De-Nibber is an orbital-action sander that makes short work of dirt nibs, sags, and runs.  If you're attempting to repair rock chips using manually applied touch-up paint, the LD30 levels paint blobs with ease and accuracy.  The LD30 delivers a top speed of 7,500 orbits per minute (125 orbits per second), making short work of anything that gets in its way.  Orbital-action machines such as the LD30 move their backing plates in a motion that mimics your hand's motion, were you to scrub or polish something using a circular motion.  The LD30 does not deliver a random orbital action (the backing plate cannot spin in either direction while orbiting, as it is not mounted into a free-spinning bearing).

The Rupes LD30 concentrates its sanding power using a 1.5mm ø orbit.
Precise sanding is no problem for the LD30!  Its backing plate moves so minutely, that you'd be hard pressed to mimic its motion using a handheld de-nibbing block & rosette.

Use the Rupes LD30 with peel & stick adhesive (PSA) or hook & loop sanding rosettes.
This machine is supplied with both vinyl and hook-style backing plates, allowing you to use any type of sanding disc or rosette you choose. Also included is a hook & loop interface pad, which allows for improved contour sanding on curved surfaces.

Use the Rupes LD30 to polish tight, small, or very confined areas.
Although not designed as a polisher, the LD30 can be successfully used to polish very small parts & areas  In order to use the LD30 as a polishing tool, it will require the use of cut-down fibrous or foam pads, which we currently do not offer for purchase.  Further, use caution when using the LD30 for polishing tasks because its gearing system is fragile compared to the type used to build similarly-sized random orbital or rotary-action polishing machines.