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Rupes Rotary Compound Gel - Coarse (Blue Top) 1 Litre With Free Rupes Microfiber Cloth


Limited time offer only while stocks last - Free Rupes Microfiber cloth RRP $12.99 with every 1 Litre Bottle. Cloth details here:  NEW Rupes DA System Microfiber Cloths

Rupes BigFoot Rotary Coarse Compound has been specifically designed to deliver optimal results when used with single-action rotary polishers and has a heavy cut, whilst still delivering a high-gloss finish on many paint types.

The demanding rotational force created by rotary polishers can induce large amounts of heat on the paint surface and quickly bring compounds to their breaking point leading to poor results and a bad user experience as the compound begins to dry, dust and stress both the machine and paint itself. The rotary range of Rupes compounds have been engineered to overcome these problems with their unique and machine movement-specific formulations. Designed from the outset to have excellent heat dissipation properties essential for high speed rotary polishing.

Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound is colour coded in blue for easy distinction which represents Rupes coarse and most aggressive paint correction compounds and pads. This is an extremely capable compound able to remove sanding marks as coarse as 1200-1500 grit when paired with Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Pads or Rupes Blue Coarse Wool Pads.

It is able to achieve exceptional levels of paint defect-removal tackling severe defects such as random isolated deeper scratches, water spot etchings and badly weathered or oxidised paint. It also has the ability to deliver outstanding and consistent results on a wide range of automotive paint types from hard, high-solid paints to medium and softer paint finishes.

Optimised to work best with rotary action polishers, Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound not only renders amazing results when used with these machines, but also rewards you with a fantastic user experience with minimal dusting and an easy wipe-off that make this compound a pleasure to use.

BigFoot abrasive compounds are the result of in-depth studies and research and consist of high quality abrasive mixes, all silicone free. They require a unique formula to assure that the product has the perfect combination of viscosity and aggressiveness. These unique compositions result in a product whose consistency delivers the best possible solution for uniform distribution on the polishing pad.