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Rupes Rotary Compound Gel - Fine (Yellow Top) 1 Litre - with free Rupes Microfiber Cloth

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Limited time offer only while stocks last - Free Rupes Microfiber cloth RRP $12.99 with every 1 Litre Bottle. Cloth details here:  NEW Rupes DA System Microfiber Cloths

Rupes BigFoot Rotary Fine Compound is a fine car polish specifically designed to work at optimal levels when used with single-action, high-speed rotary polishers and has the ability to comfortably remove moderate to light automotive paint defects and finish with exceptional levels of gloss and clarity on almost all paint types.

Rupes Rotary Fine Compound is colour coded in yellow for easy distinction which represents Rupes fine paint correction compounds and pads. It is an extremely capable polish able to remove 3000 grit sanding marks yet still finish down to a brilliant shine when paired with the proper selection of pad and machine.

For the best possible level of cut and increased gloss in the paints finish, Rupes does recommend using rotary fine compound with the Rupes Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pads, particularly on soft to medium paints. Whereas if used with either the Rupes Yellow Medium Wool Pads or Rupes Rotary Blue Foam Pads it will allow for greater defect-removal yet still produce ample levels of gloss on more medium to harder paint types.

Optimised to work best with a rotary action polisher and when paired with the appropriate pad and user technique, it will allow you to achieve levels of gloss you previously only dreamed about.

In addition, it will also reward you with one of the best user experiences with minimal to no dusting, long working cycles and an easy wipe-off that makes this polish a true pleasure to use.