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Rupes Rotary Foam Polishing Pad - Coarse Blue


The Rupes Rotary Blue Coarse Foam Pads are designed specifically for single-action rotary polishers are capable of removing severe defects yet still finishing down amazingly well on many paint types. 

Rupes rotary blue foam pads are made from a dense and rigid foam that efficiently transfers the energy produced by the polisher directly to the car’s painted surface with little loss of power due to the pads exceptional structure which has been formulated to work with rotaries such as the Rupes LH19E. The reason these pads work so well with a rotary is also due to their unique open cell structure that provides rotational stability and maintains airflow throughout the pad, whilst giving the user a comfortable polishing experience.

With the ability to comfortably tackle and eliminate sanding scratches as coarse as 1500 grit as well as more prominent paint defects such as random isolated deeper scratches, water etchings and oxidised or weathered paint - they are the perfect choice for the initial stage when the surface is in need of more in-depth paint correction.

The blue coarse foams are also quite a versatile pad that can work extremely well on many paint types such as high-solid or harder paints as well as softer paint types and resprayed or refinished fresh paint.

Used with a cutting compound such as Rupes Rotary Coarse Compound, the blue foam pads not only have the ability to correct most automotive paint defects, but also finish down amazingly well using your rotary polisher with the proper technique.

For more aggressive pads in the Rupes range where greater cutting or levelling abilities are required, the Rupes Coarse Wool Pads do offer an increased defect-removal ability.