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Rupes Rotary Twisted Wool Polishing Pads


A premium twisted wool cutting pad, made from 100% natural lamb's wool fibres available in 3 sizes to fit 5" and 6" and 6.5" backing plates with Velcro attachment.

Rupes have released a versatile Wool Cutting Pad that is made from a mix of dyed and un-dyed, 100% natural lamb's wool fibres.

With this unique high density pile of wool, you can expect a very high cutting ability when used with a variety of cutting compounds. 

These pads have a curved/rounded edge for safety and enables angled polishing with any rotary polishing machine. 

Perfect for Marine polishing applications and heavy cutting on paints and gelcoats, will remove heavy oxidisation in a fraction of the time taken with foam pads.


  • Made from 100% natural lamb's wool fibres
  • Designed for heavy duty rotary use on marine gelcoats and painted surfaces
  • Robust and durable for high speed rotary polishing
  • Tightly twisted wool to ensure performance is consistent 
  • High density, steam treated wool yarn