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Rupes X-Cut foam backed Abrasive Pads - Ø 75mm (3 inch)


Ø 75mm (3 inch)

RUPES X-Cut foam abrasive disks are designed for wet/damp sanding applications and sanding on contours or rounded edges. They create an outstanding finish without deep scratches that requires reduced compounding and polishing steps and that can be easily polished to a high gloss.

Available in 1500, 2000, or 3000 grits, Ø 75mm X-Cut foam abrasives are ideal for use with the LHR75E Mini or any other 3 inch orbital sander/polishing machine.

RUPES X-Cut foam backed abrasive discs are designed as a top-coat sanding solution for the removal of imperfections too deep for removal by polishing alone or levelling of texture. The aluminium oxide abrasive structure, fabric substrate, and foam backing provide a solution that produces a consistent sanding mark (when used with the appropriate foam interface) in wet-sanding applications.