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CLEARANCE - RIM wheel & tyre cleaning concentrate 10 Litres - Heavy Duty


Made in Germany

Highly effective heavy duty acid based wheel cleaner concentrate for professional use only. Ideal for the intensive cleaning of extremely stubborn and encrusted rims.

RIM is a self-acting and oxidation dissolving cleaning concentrate for intensive cleaning of heavily soiled aluminium and steel rims. After an exposure time of about 3 minutes, stubborn brake dust and road dirt can easily be rinsed off with a pressure washer. No mechanical rework is necessary.

Dilute the concentrate anywhere from 1:1 to 1:5 with water and fill into an acid-resistant spray bottle. Spray the cleaner onto the wet rims and let it react for approx. 3 minutes. Rinse off using a power washer. Rims must be cooled off before application! Rinse RIM before it dries off. Never use RIM on chrome or on polished aluminium wheels (without clear-coat). We advise preliminary testing before use.

Create your own wheel cleaning solution by adding water, or add your own pre-mixed degreaser and add the raw acid concentrate at your desired ratio.

One of the most concentrated acid solutions we have ever tried, after dilution it makes up to 60 litres of wheel cleaner which - which equates to only $3.00 per litre for an amazingly powerful clean.

Acid wheel cleaner Ratio = 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water

Make your own wheel cleaner - premix any water based degreaser to the recommended ratio and add 1 part concentrate to 5 parts of pre-mixed degreaser

Increase dilution of acid concentrate for stronger solutions.

Wear gloves, eye protection and masks whenever using acid based products.

Do not use on bare or polished aluminium or chrome