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Swissvax MOTORCYCLE Supreme Spray Cleaner


  • A highly concentrated and effective foaming gel for cleaning all Motorcycles
  • Adheres effortlessly to vertical surfaces and reliably removes even stubborn dirt such as insect residues or chain grease and oil encrustations
  • Gentle on paintwork, corrosion-inhibiting on exposed areas and safe to use on all materials found on the modern or classic bike.
  • Contains no solvents, ammonia or corrosive chemicals
  • Designed and developed in conjunction with Clean Ride Australia motorcycle detailers (Perth & Brisbane) to spray onto all surfaces of the engine/gearbox, wheels, guards, underside and all the areas that traditionally get dirty on a bike. Just spray, agitate with a brush and then hose off.
  • Absolutely safe on all areas and materials of your motorcycle.

We recommend to rinse the bike first with water (Always when engine is cool) and wash the larger areas like fuel tank, fairings and storage boxes with Swissvax Bike Wash Shampoo. Rinse again.

Then spray Supreme Motorcycle Spray Cleaner over engine, wheels, sprockets and into hard to reach areas. A variety of different size brushes can then be used to agitate the foam to clean thoroughly into all the inaccessible and hard to reach areas - then finally rinse again for a sparkling clean finish.

Dry the bike with either a Swissvax Micro-dry towel or with a Warm Air Blower/Dryer

Note: Always work in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.