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Swissvax Marine TEAK NEUTRALIZING CLEANSER Teak cleaner and brightener

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  • Brightening greyed and sun bleached teak as simple as washing hands with soap
  • No harsh chemicals are used and is safe for the environment 
  • Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and allow to penetrate the surface
  • Then rinse with plenty of clean water - Voila! 

Swissvax Teak Neutralising Cleanser is an effective regular cleaner for teak woods commonly found on marine boats/yachts and cruisers. Teak is exposed to the harsh elements in the marine environment and can fade, appear sun bleached and tired. Use Swissvax Teak Neutralising Cleanser to clean your wooden areas on a regular basis, will not harm or cause staining to teak woods.

Often from constantly getting wet, or from liquid spills, stains can appear which can be difficult to remove using conventional cleaners - in this case please use Swissvax Teak Age Balancer / Stain remover

Swissvax have the full range of Teak Care products - Cleaners, Stain removers and Teak oils.