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WHEEL WOOLIES COMBO Rim brush kit set of 3 Made in USA


The NEW Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushes are the ultimate tools for cleaning your wheels – inside and out. Instead of bristles, like most brushes, these offer ultra-soft polypropylene fibre heads combined with non-scratch polypropylene handles. This means that they are one of the safest and most effective ways to clean to clean your wheels.

Especially good for cleaning delicate rims, the Wheel Woolies construction is 100% metal free, making them very safe for all surfaces but as well as ultra-soft, they are ultra-durable making them very long lasting. The generous length of the large Woolie easily cleans even the deepest wheel designs, and the medium Woolie allows you to get in the more intricate and tighter areas such as the spokes and even between your brake calipers with ease due to the longer handle and the small Woolie can get into tight areas like wheel lug recesses, front grille spaces and so on.

This 3 piece set is a must have for any professional detailer or car enthusiast - unlike many china made copies we only supply genuine Wheel Woolies made in USA

NOTE: These are the latest version to come from Wheel Woolies, with the new updated Red and Black fibres and the added rubber grips