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22ple VX3 Signature Glass Coating

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22PLE VX3 Signature Glass Coating offers amazing protection for your paint. Developed in Japan, who are the leaders in liquid glass coatings, this new range offerings something that is unique; a professional paint glass coating that is long lasting and easy to apply.

22PLE has been formulated to offer the right combination of brilliant gloss and durability for specific applications. 22PLE VX3 Signature Glass Coating has been engineered for your paint to provide a thin, highly reflective layer of ‘hardened glass’ as a barrier for protection. The VX3 version has more of the ‘active ingredient’ than VX1 Signature Glass Coat, providing extra durability and a touch more shine to coated surfaces.

This new technology paint protection not only provides an amazing shine to your paint, but it also protects against the elements, repelling water and dirt and ultimately keeping your car cleaner for longer. The VX3 Signature Glass Coating also makes washing your ride easier as dirt will literally fall off as you rinse down and the super hydrophobic properties will also make drying easier, as water sheets off the surface quickly.

This ‘Glass Coating’ for your paint is a new generation of liquid glass coatings, it is easy to apply and delivers an ultra-durable finish over your paint surface.

A 50ml bottle should coat the paint easily on several cars

For best results:

Ensure your ride is clean, dry and free from contamination before you start. Take a surface cleaner or Isopropanol solution and cleanse the paint surface thoroughly making sure all areas are done. The cleanse is very important to the bonding of the Glass Coat. Again ensure all surfaces are completely dry. Take a soft applicator and apply a few drops of the 22PLE VX3 Signature Glass Coating, wipe over the paint lightly ensuring the paint receives a consistent coating. Work panel by panel allowing about 4-6 minutes before buffing off with a soft microfibre cloth. We recommend working only one panel ahead and performing a second wipe off to make sure all of the reside is taken off before it starts to harden.

Allow to cure for a minimum of 12 hours before getting the paint wet. Do not wash the car for a minimum of 5 days after application.

After 12 hours apply 22ple VS1 Final Coat or 22ple Finitura

Made in Japan