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Colourlock Suede & Nubuck Cleaning & Conditioning Kit


Suede is created by sanding and refining the reverse side of leather, which is the opposite of normal leathers. The surface is porous and susceptible to staining from liquids. Over time the suede can build up a glossy appearance from absorbing sweat and body oils etc. 

Not to be used on Alcantara fabrics which are artificial suede.

This kit contains:

• COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector Spray 400 ml
• COLOURLOCK Waterproofing Spray 200 ml
• 1 Nubuck Eraser
• 1 COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad

Nubuck and velour leathers are porous, superficially sanded, leathers with a velvet-like surface. While they look attractive and are pleasing to the touch, they are sensitive to dirt and stains and can become glossy and greasy over time. Bleaching is also common.
Slightly greasy suede which is resistant to sanding with the Pad can be treated with a piece of cloth lightly moistened with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit / Degreaser. Clean the glossy spots, applying very little pressure. Do not make it too wet! Do not rub too harshly! Always let dry between applications.
Unfortunately, suede is very sensitive and may not return to its original state in spite of cleaning and care. The recommended products will enable you to easily treat suede leather at home and see some improvement.


1 x Leather Sanding Pad: The Pad is a sanding foam with two equally granulated faces for sanding stains and slightly greasy surfaces over a large area. Wet cleaners are not recomended for suede due to the danger of stains and chemical rings.

1 x Nubuck Eraser: An eraser for tough, dried singular stains.

1 x Aniline Protector Aerosol, 400 ml: The Aniline Protector cares for the leather and protects it from drying and bleaching. In case of heavy strain (sunlight, heating, frequent use), the leather should be treated after the first year at the latest, then two to four times a year. The amount is sufficient for repeat treatments of one set of furniture. In rare cases of very dry and neglected leather, more may be required.

1 x Waterproofing Aerosol, 200 ml: The Waterproofing is a gentle anti-stain protection for sensitive textiles, nubuck and velour leather. Their surfaces change constantly through usage and should therefore be treated every three to six months. The amount is sufficient for repeat treatments of one set of furniture. Only areas prone to staining need to be treated. Spray on a clean and dry surface from a distance of about 40 cm, thinly and evenly. Let dry afterwards. Repeat application on heavily strained areas, as necessary. Also repeat after any cleaning. Apply according to the instructions on the label.

Made in Germany