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Wheel Woolies® Vent Brush 24" Red/Black Premium Grade Made in USA


NEW - From the makers of Wheel Woolies in USA - the new Vent Brush

Have you been looking for a small, ultra-flexible brush to clean those impossible places like air vents and grills?

We have just got it for you. The solution is a plush 7/8" brush trim on a 1/8" handle. This soft and flexible brush reaches deep into tight and awkward openings like air vents, micro grills and ventilation ports. You'll be amazed at the places you can reach with this brush. 

100% non-scratch synthetic wool-like material at the top of the brush, measures 6" long and 3/4" wide. The flexible polypropylene slim handle (3/16" thick) measures 18" long, making the brush 24" in overall length.

This overall length and cleaning head allow for easy access to the deepest part of your vents, cleaning out the contamination quickly. This will not only clean out unwanted dirt and grime, but it will help remove unwanted contamination that could be lurking in your vents, or causing a foul odour.

 Pick up an original Wheel Woolies vent cleaner Brush and clean out the deepest darkest spots of your car's vents!

  • Description

    • Brush head diameter: 7/8 inches / 21mm
    • Bristle length: 6 inches / 150mm
    • Made with soft microfiber material - metal free
    • 24" (60cm) Long flexible handle
    • Chemical resistant

Made in USA