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Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 Mk3 Dual Action Polishing Machine


The Rupes LHR15 MK3 is the new frontier of detailing machines. With improvements over the MK2, this new innovative DA polisher goes above and beyond in terms of performance, quality and overall user experience.

Available as a machine on its own or as a complete Luxury Kit

The new Rupes MK3 LHR15 has been built to handle any detailing situation. The ergonomic design of the LHR15 allows for precise paint correction with complete comfort in all areas of the vehicle - curved, intricate or flat. This machine operates at a higher RPM compared to the LHR21, and this increase in speed provides equivalent correction and does so with a pad diameter and orbit that offers much more versatility.  

Improving upon the MK2 design, the new MK3 features improved ergonomics with a new rubberized front grip, offering exceptional comfort and non-slip surface control. It also has an improved rear handle which also integrated rubberized surfaces for a greater amount of feel. 

The brand new progressive trigger system has now been added to the MK3, giving the user an additional layer of control. Acting as a throttle to control speeds within the dial range, the progressive trigger ensures the operator is able to make subtle adjustments for precise control, without interruption of the polishing process. 

The new highly efficient motor of the MK3 also produces a speed range of 3000 to 4500 for the 15mm model. This specifically engineered, and custom wound motor has been created in-house by RUPES and generates increased levels of torque & power whilst just requiring 500 watts of input power. This truly makes the RUPES motor the most efficient motor in random orbital polishing today. 

A new Electronic Speed Control Dial has also been integrated into the new MK3, allowing for easy adjustment of the top speed of the polishers, without the operator requiring to move their hands. The larger and more visible dial is easily adjusted with just the movement of the thumb. 

With the MK3, the overall design of the unit has also been improved. Every detail, such as the rubber support has been positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable during the non-working stages, and various other improvements have been the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving the greatest quality, and best performance. 


  • Rupes Bigfoot LHR15 Mark III 15mm Orbital Polisher
  • Comes with 5 inch backing plate
  • Rupes Bigfoot Tool Bag
  • DA Coarse Compound 250ml
  • DA FineCompound 250ml
  • Uno Protect 250ml
  • Pad Claw Brush
  • 130/150mm (5 inch) DA foam (Blue / coarse)
  • 130/150mm (5 inch) DA foam (Yellow / Fine)
  • 130/150mm (5 inch) Wool Blue Coarse
  • 130/150mm (5 inch) Wool Yellow Fine
  • Microfibre cloths x4
  • RUPES BigFoot branded apron 
  • Cable Clamp